(FNLP on the lawn in front of our Lab, taken by dji phantom 3)

The Natural Language Processing Group at Fudan University is a team of faculty and students who work together on processing and understanding human languages with computational techniques.

Our research interests range from the basic research in machine learning to the advanced applications in natural language processing. Currently, our research mainly focuses on utilizing deep learning technique to solve the challenging problems in NLP and even AI, including Chinese word segmentation (CWS), tagging, syntactic parsing, text classification, semantic text matching, automatic question answering, sentiment analysis, as well as the fundamental of deep learning algorithms.

We develop a widely used, integrated NLP toolkit, FudanNLP, for Chinese. FudanNLP provides a series state-of-the-art technologies including Chinese word segmentation, part-of-speech tagging, dependency parsing, time expression recognition and normalization, etc.